Dynamic Index Finger Flexion Splint for Swan Neck Finger

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The Flexion Finger Splint is a uniquely designed brace for proximal interphalangeal joint pain. This finger hand brace keeps the injured in a flexed position to allow the finger joint pain to bend but prevent it from straightening.
Detailed Description

Index Finger Flexion Splint & DID / PIP Flexion Splint

The two main joints that make up the finger are the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint—the finger joint closest to the tip of the finger—and the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint—the second joint down from the tip of the finger. These joints can often succumb to a finger sprain that requires some form of finger orthotics in order to heal quickly and effectively. The finger joints are one of the most used body parts and with just one finger joint sprain, the ability to grasp and hold is diminished. Also works as an MCP flexion splint. 

Features of the MobiDig Dynamic Flexion Splint

  • As seen in the visual, this hand finger brace is for the flexion of the PIP finger joint and Dip finger joint. 
  • Durable padding makes this finger splint comfortable and effective. 
  • Linear elastic force keeps the finger stabilized. 
  • By adjusting the spring, the tension of the finger brace can be changed to the comfort of the patient.

Symptoms of DIP Joint Pain and PIP Joint Pain

  • Finger joint pain and swelling.
  • If the joint in the finger is completely dislocated it will visibly out of place.

A non-surgical method of recovering from a less severe form of this injury is where the Flexion Finger Splint is useful. It keeps the finger in the best position to be healed effectively for a short period of time before more exercise of finger joint pain treatment is needed. The finger PIP joint and DIP joint are carefully cared for and comforted in the recovery of a finger sprain.

  • Finger splint for flexion of DIP or PIP joints
  • This index finger brace is very comfortable to wear due to the ergonomic, durable padding
  • Linear elastic force
  • Carefully bending the spring can increase or reduce the tension
  • Color: white

Sizing Chart

X-SmallUp to 1.25"
Small1.25" - 1.5"
Medium1.5" - 1.75"
Large1.75" - 2.25""
X-Large2.25" and up
Measure distance on top of finger between joint creases. (see highlighted area in image above).

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Dynamic Index Finger Flexion Splint for Swan Neck Finger

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