Bort KubiFX Elbow Immobilizer Brace with Splints

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Bort KubiFX Elbow Brace. Non-elastic material, fitted with terry cloth lining. A comfortable post-operative elbow immobilizer to wear after a number of elbow surgeries. Adjustable, one size fits most. For a longer elbow immobilizer with forearm and wrist support, try the KubiFX Long Elbow Brace
Detailed Description

Maximum Joint Stability with Improved Elbow Surgery Recovery

With powerful immobilizing ability and comfort for long-term use, the Bort Medical KubiFX Elbow Brace is the ideal support option following a wide range of elbow traumas or surgeries. The brace features the following for practical use:

  • Inelastic, sturdy construction
  • Two removable aluminum splints, adjustable for any angle
  • Soft terry cloth lining for maximum comfort
  • Four Velcro straps, which adjust to fit any arm
  • Completely adjustable elbow pad

Elbow Joint Immobilization Following Tennis Elbow Surgery

The solid construction of the KubiFX Elbow Brace provides total immobilization of the elbow joint following serious trauma or surgery. The comfort of the arm is kept to a maximum to ensure that wearing the brace is natural and easy to use consistently without irritation. The brace is specifically designed to be worn following a number of surgical procedures, including:

  • Descending tendopathies, including epicondylitis humeri, or tennis elbow
  • Sulcus ulnaris
  • Bursectomy
  • Surgical reconstruction following trauma or to repair congenital defects
  • Sulcus ulnaris, Tendopathies
  • Other invasive elbow surgery, such as arthroscopy

Total Adjustability for Ambidextrous Joint Support

The easily adjustable design of the KubiFX Elbow Brace allows for its use on either elbow joint, with minimal adjustment necessary. The ergonomic design is specifically created to fit to both elbows equally, through the use of its various adjustable components. The main supports of the brace are two aluminum splints, which may be removed and bent to fit any required angle. The internal elbow pad may also be adjusted to fit the various dimensions of the two arms. Four Velcro straps help to fit the brace snugly against the muscles of either arm, and can accommodate dramatic size differences if necessary.

  • Non-elastic material, inside fitted with terry cloth lining for comfortable elbow immobilization
  • Includes 2 removable aluminium splints, individually adjustable from 0┬░ - 90┬░.
  • 4 return straps for a secure fit. Freely adjustable elbow pad.
  • Approx. 37 cm (14.6 inches) long. One size fits most, adjustable. Fits both right and left arms.
  • Sizing Chart

    Adjustable, One Size Only

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Bort KubiFX Elbow Immobilizer Brace with Splints

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