Mar 1, 2015

Bort Articulated Joint Knee Brace

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Status: Discontinued

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A similar knee brace to other Bort knee supports, but with some great advancements specifically targeting runners and those with patellar pain. The knee is protected, supported, and stabilized, making the Bort Knee Support with Articulated Joint a must have among BraceAbility’s many knee braces.

A Runner's Knee Brace to Prevent Further Knee Injury

  • A strong yet mobile brace with silicone knee pads located around the patella—knee cap—area to prevent knee cap instability and to compress other knee problems such as swollen knee.
  • The design prevents pressure at the edges of the knee brace and in the hollow of the knee where either most knee injuries occur or where the pressure will cause discomfort, making this a great knee brace for runner's knee.
  • Can be worn while running or performing any other activity. 
  • There is a knee splint on each side of the brace acting as a knee hinge. Hinge can be adapted, extension limit at 0 degrees
    This is customizable to the patient and has an extension capability of zero degrees for the best stabilization.
  • The straps located at the top and bottom of the brace allow the user the ability to adjust the compression and comfort level of the brace

 A Patellar Tendonitis Knee Brace & Much More

    • Runner’s Knee has many names and forms, including: chondromalacia, patellar tendonitis, Patellofemoral Pain and osgood-schlatters syndrome. Lateral knee pain is the most common complaint among runners, as well as other athetes who do a lot of running or repetitive knee bending, like cyclists. A runner’s knee brace can also help athletes who play in tennis, volleyball, soccer or those who ski.
    • Patellar chondropathy—this is an anterior form of knee pain, meaning that the knee discomfort is in the front and center of the knee. All of the tendons and knee ligaments need to be strong and work correctly in order for the knee to work. If there is any weakness from injury or other causes there will be dull, aching pain in the knee cap area.
      • The Knee Support with Articulated Joint helps stabilize the knee from bending awkwardly and helps protect from further knee injuries.
      • Knee Problems with a ligament in the knee—this is similar to anterior knee pain in that the knee splints help prevent further damage. The knee is a body pat that wants to always work, and this brace allows the stability and comfort to allow the injury to recover without much hindrance to mobility.

    • Strong dual-tension quality with silicone pad, anatomically-contoured knit, with patella recess. Pressure-reduced areas at edges and around hollow of the knee
    Name Bort Articulated Joint Knee Brace
    SKU BOR-114-460

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    Size15 cm Below Patella15 cm Above Patella
    Small26 - 29 cm32 - 36 cm
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    Measurement point: Circumference of leg 15 cm below patella and 15 cm above patella.