Bort HerniaFix® Inguinal Spring Truss Hernia Belt

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Bort’s HerniaFix truss is an effective and comfortable solution for various reducible hernias, including ones in the groin, thigh, abdominal and testicular areas of the body. The spring steel and rounded pressure pad of this hernia belt provide the light, consistent force needed to reduce a hernia and to keep it from protruding again.
Detailed Description

Low-profile Brace for Hernias of the Abdomen, Groin and Thigh

This hernia truss is a simple but effective solution for treating various types of reducible hernias. This might include protrusions in the:

  • Abdomen
  • Groin
  • Thigh
  • Testicular region

The slim hernia belt wraps around one’s midsection and includes a rounded pelotte that puts pressure on the site of the hernia. Doing so prevents it from protruding further, and it can help one’s tissue to return to its normal position.

The single rounded pressure pad is covered in fabric that is comfortable against the skin. And the belt itself is a non-elastic material that is also covered in comfortable fabric.

Part of this belt is actually a spring made of spring steel. This material is unique in that it has impressive yield strength. This means it returns to its original shape despite any efforts to twist or bend the material out of position. This is obviously an important quality when it comes to an inguinal hernia strap whose function is to apply pressure to one’s groin or abdominal region.

One can purchase this sleek belt for testicular hernias to for either the right or left side of the body. And it comes in a number of sizes, each of which allows some additional degree of girth customization.

The nude color of this sleek pressure pad for hernias of the groin, hernia, etc. is also convenient for discrete use.

What Is a Hernia and How Do You Treat It?

Simply put, a hernia refers to the protrusion of either an organ or fatty tissue through a weak spot in its surrounding muscle or fascia (connective tissue). Besides an opening or weak area in the muscle or fascia, pressure is usually the other culprit for the formation of a hernia.

A few examples of things that might create such pressure include lifting heavy objects, coughing or sneezing or diarrhea. Smoking, obesity and poor nutrition can also increase one’s risk of developing a hernia.

Such protrusions can occur at numerous locations along one’s core. The most common types of hernias are inguinal ones affecting the inner groin, incisional hernias stemming from (you guessed it) an incision, femoral hernias that affect the outer groin (sometimes referred to as a thigh hernia), umbilical ones in the belly button vicinity and hiatal hernias of the upper stomach.

Of these, inguinal hernias are far and away the most common type, accounting for around 75% of all hernias. They typically affect men.

These hernias can be further classified as reducible or non-reducible. The bulge of a reducible hernia flattens when gentle pressure is placed on it. Such hernias are less dangerous to one’s health.

This lightweight inguinal hernia belt can help in such instances by applying light pressure to the hernia, keeping the intestine or bladder from protruding. (Check out our full selection of abdominal belts for hernias.)

Eventually, one may need to surgically repair the hernia, however, as these can become more serious and painful with the passage of time.

Non-reducible hernias cannot be flattened out and they should quickly be addressed by a medical professional to prevent the risk of hernia strangulation where blood flow to the tissue is cut off.

Details on Sleek HerniaFix Belt for Hernia Reduction

This single-sided band for reducing a hernia represents a no-fuss way to treat various reducible hernias, including the most common inguinal hernia. Following is a list of the hernia band’s features:

  • Non-elastic hernia hip belt with a rounded pressure pad on one side
  • Pressure pad and belt of the hernia truss is covered with fabric that is soft against the skin
  • Includes a 50 cm. (20-inch) long spring that will maintain its original shape thanks to its spring steel construction
  • Indications: Reducible hernias, possibly including inguinal, femoral, testicular, umbilical, incisional, and hiatal ones
  • Lightweight, low-profile band for hernia treatment comes in a beige color that’s ideal for discreet use
  • This hernia truss is reversible to provide support for hernias on either the right or left side
  • Groin hernia brace comes in five different sizes, each of which allows additional fit customization

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Pelvis
Small32.75" - 34.75"
Medium34.5" - 36.5"
Large36.5 - 38.5"
X-Large38.5" - 40.5"
2XL40.5" - 42"
Measurement point: Circumference of pelvis.

Additional Information

L Code: L8300

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Bort HerniaFix® Inguinal Spring Truss Hernia Belt

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