Bort AchilloStabil Achilles Tendon Ankle Support Brace

Whether one is searching for Achilles tendonitis treatment or going through Achilles tendon rupture recovery, this Achilles tendon brace is a great solution. The inclusion of two silicone heel cups and strategically placed viscoelastic inserts helps this product to stand out as one of the best supports for Achilles tendon problems.
Detailed Description

Comfortable Knitted Ankle Support for Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

There are many instances where one might benefit from Achilles support. Rave reviews speak to the effectiveness of this particular Achilles heel brace.

The support is similar to the Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles tendon support in terms of its shape and the inclusion of a pad at the back of one’s ankle. But Bort’s Achilles tendon support brace has the added feature of two silicone heel pads that lessens strain on one’s tendon. Plus, Bort’s Achilles brace is a bit more affordable than the AchilloTrain Achilles tendon support.

Bort’s Achilles tendon braces are composed of 3-dimensional, dual-tension knitted fabric. This style of knitting makes the Achilles tendonitis brace strong and durable. It applies class II compression to one’s ankle.

Besides the beneficial compression the Achilles support brace itself applies, the brace for Achilles tendon treatment also includes viscoelastic heel inserts that reside in the Achilles tendon area that intermittently massages the tender area.

The edges of the Achilles tendon wrap are pressure reduced. This makes it easy for one to slip on the elastic ankle brace with a closed heel.

Another extra feature brace for Achilles tendon support is that it comes with two silicone heel pads. The cup can provide Achilles tendon relief by elevating the heel slightly. The second heel pad can be used on the non-affected leg to make up for any resulting leg length discrepancies.

This ankle brace for Achilles injuries can be used for numerous sources of acute or chronic Achilles tendon pain, including achillodynia (pain from inflammation of the Achilles tendon or its related bursa) or for post-operative care after an ankle tendon tear, including during Achilles tendon rehab.

Some might also opt to wear it for an added layer of protection when engaging in sports like kickboxing, karate, basketball or soccer that are taxing on one’s ankle. The flexible fit of the ankle brace for running, jumping, etc. makes it well suited for active use. 

The kickboxing ankle support comes in a neutral, silver color that looks good with most shoes and athletic apparel.

Best Achilles Tendon Brace for Treating Achilles Tendinitis

The Achilles that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone is the strongest tendon in the body with an important task—transmitting the force of one’s muscles so that one can push off when walking, running or jumping.  

Generally speaking, such ankle and Achilles tendon pain is caused by training error. Achilles tendonitis is an overuse injury caused by putting too much stress on the tendon. This might be due to a sudden increase in workout intensity, duration or frequency. Other possible culprits include running on hard or uneven surfaces or wearing non-supportive footwear.

Biomechanical issues can also come into play, such as flat feet, tight or weak calf muscles or a stiff ankle joint. Also of note, the Achilles tendon weakens with age, making it more vulnerable to injury.

Non-surgical treatment (directed by a doctor) for Achilles tendonitis that one can do from home is usually sufficient. But it is important to seek treatment. Severe Achilles tendonitis can lead to tears to the tendon that often require surgery and a lengthy recovery period to remedy.

Pain killers (over the counter or, if needed, ones prescribed by a doctor) can help with one’s discomfort. Resting the ankle for a few days or switching to an activity that does not strain the Achilles tendon (e.g., swimming) gives inflammation a chance to subside so healing can occur. Severe Achilles tendonitis treatment might even involve wearing a boot or using crutches for a period.

Ice, compression and elevation can also draw down swelling and help with sore Achilles treatment. The grade II compression this Achilles brace for basketball and other sports applies is helpful to that end. Plus the Achilles tendonitis running brace has viscoelastic inserts that provide targeted compression for Achilles tendonitis treatment.

Another common Achilles tendinosis treatment is wearing a shoe insert or wedge that elevates the heel slightly. This reduces strain on the tendon.

Bort’s brace for acute or chronic Achilles tendonitis treatment includes heel cups that do just that. Plus, the cups provide an added layer of cushioning that lessens stress on the tendon, again speaking to why many consider this the best support for Achilles tendonitis.

As you can see, there is so much more to this ankle brace for Achilles tendonitis than one would get from wearing an Ace bandage for Achilles tendonitis.

This brace can also function as a torn Achilles wrap in the aftermath of surgery to repair such a tear. Surgery is the preferred method of care for a tear to the Achilles tendon, though some do opt to treat it without surgery.

In either case, one will go through an extensive rehabilitation program involving Achilles exercise and stretching. Non-surgical care will also involve wearing a cast or walking boot with wedges, which allows the tendon to heal.

Details on This Achilles Support Foot & Ankle Sleeve

This Achilles brace for basketball, football, or any other sport or activity where added support to this area is needed has a number of features that set it apart from other braces for Achilles tendon injuries. Following is a detailed list of its features.

  • Achilles tendon ankle support is composed of 3D, dual-tension knitted fabric
  • Achilles heel band applies class II compression which helps with Achilles pain treatment
  • Visco-elastic inserts in the Achilles area provide targeted compression and intermittent massage
  • Includes silicone heel cups that lessen strain on the Achilles tendon
  • Two heel cup cushions are included with this Achilles tendonitis support to keep legs the same length
  • Pressure-reduced edge makes applying such Achilles tendon supports easy
  • Indications: Achilles tendonitis, Achilles bursitis, after surgery to repair an Achilles rupture
  • Achilles heel braces come in four sizes for a customized fit
  • This tendonitis ankle brace is Silver in color


Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Ankle
SmallUp to 8 1/4"
Medium8 1/4" - 9"
Large9" - 10"
X-Large10" - 11"
Measurement is taken 1.5" above the lateral malleolus (outer ankle bone).

Additional Information

L Code: L1901

Customer Reviews




Not impressed


It was suggested I get this brace to help with my aching achilles tendons. I was excited to be able to switch from the big clunky walking boot to this. When it arrived, it looked nothing like the picture in the ad. The title and descriptions made it appear to be a type of hard sturdy brace-like sock. Instead of was a sock with a gel pad sown in. The sizes are misleading. I ordered a medium (even though my measurement was a small) and it was too tight. Very very tight.
The instructions were in Swedish and had no pictures. I wasn't sure where to put the two additional heel pads. For the price $90 on sale, it wasn't worth it. I did better with a drug store ACE bandage.
I am returning!!!




Borts Ankle Sleeve


These are great, they may be more than I need. I have one ankle that swells when I am on it. I work 4 hours every morning on concrete and my left ankle swells around the joints. the right ankle swells just a little and just started that. I don't have diabetes or anything. My numbers are all good. I can lay down for 2 hours and my ankles are just as skinny as can be. Suppose I have arthritis. I had double hip replacement a year ago. Or possibly, I have peddle edema. But anyway when I come home from my job each day, I take these off and my ankles don't have a bit of swelling, but if I am on concrete or go to Walmart, they will have some swelling.
I like these because I did not want my whole foot covered nor up to the calves of my legs. But I see where it says this is for recovery of injured ankles etc. So for me I don't know if it is overkill, but it works. Maybe I could have got something cheaper, but these are nice.




Fantastic Brace!


This brace has changed my life, literally! I have been getting tendentious in my Achilles tendon from competitive soccer about four times per week. I got this brace upon a recommendation. I wore it the first day I got it, just walking around the house. The large gel pads were like a constant massage on my tendon. I now only wear it while working out. I used to have pain every morning after a tough work out and that has 100% disappeared. I would recommend this brace to anyone who is having trouble with their Achilles tendons. I feel about 15 years younger each morning!

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Bort AchilloStabil Achilles Tendon Ankle Support Brace

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