Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Brace for Running

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The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain ankle support for running is an ankle support bandage designed for athletes.
Detailed Description

One of the Most Popular Ankle Supports for Athletes

The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain ankle brace not only helps alleviate pain and swelling in the ankles during sports, exercise, and simple everyday activities, but also offers superior protection and comfort for those who engage in rigorous athletic activities. These are perhaps the two main reasons that make the MalleoTrain one of Bauerfeind's most popular braces for ankles available in the market today.

Some of the Features of the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support:

  • Compressive fabric and silicone-support inserts that provide added help with localized swelling and leaves ankle bones pressure-free, providing periodic compression to the soft tissue of the ankle joint, thus relieving pain and reducing swelling and edema
  • Extended freedom of movement compared to ankle braces and supports that use stiff plastic inserts
  • An anatomical knit that offers controlled compression similar to an ankle wrap support, which helps promote blood circulation in both the ankle and foot and prevents constriction of circulation
  • A knitted design incorporating an anatomically contoured silicone insert behind each ankle bone
  • A lightweight, breathable, and completely machine-washable knit that doesn't retain heat

One of the Few Ankle Braces in the Market That Promotes Proprioception

So what exactly is proprioception? The term proprioception, to put it simply, mainly refers to a sense of joint position. This sense or ability enables us to know where our limbs are in space without having to look. Of course,  proprioception is essential in all everyday movements, but perhaps more so in complicated sporting movements specifically done by athletes where exact coordination of joints is extremely important.

Imagine an athlete—a basketball player, for instance—shifting into a position that could potentially sprain his or her ankle. Essentially, an athlete with increased proprioception in the ankle can decrease the risk of sprain as he or she will be able to control his ankle more effectively to avoid tweaking it.

The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain ankle brace helps promote increased proprioception, which aids in sensory awareness for the ankle. This promotes increased joint stabilization and therefore greatly decreases the chances of ankle injuries. Thus, the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain is the perfect athletic ankle brace for use in sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, running, football, and the like.

The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Brace Is Ideal for:

  • Ankle swelling and soreness
  • Ankle sprain treatment
  • Ligamental weakness and slight ligamentous tears
  • Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis)
  • Synovitis
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Post-cast removal (perfect for use as an orthotic ankle brace)
  • Tendomyopathies

Sizing Chart

Circumference in inches 6 ¾" - 7 ½" 7 ½" - 8 ¼" 8 ¼" - 9" 9" - 9 ⅞" 9 ⅞" - 10 ⅝" 10 ⅝" - 11 ⅜"
Measurement is taken at the circumference of the ankle

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Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Brace for Running

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