Bauerfeind DorsoTrain Women's Full Back Brace Posture Garment

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This full back brace encompasses one’s torso to align and straighten the spine for hunchback treatment. The body-hugging upper back support brace is constructed of soft, breathable material. And it is easy to put on and take off thanks to the jacket-like design and zipper closure of the back brace for osteoporosis.
Detailed Description

Full Back Brace for Hunchback Treatment

Bauerfeind’s DorsoTrain back straightening brace is a unique way of treating osteoporosis naturally (or whatever else is causing a hunched back). This full body brace encompasses the body like a swimming suit.

Lateral body straps and a functional stay at the back of the brace help to align and support the back. The anatomically contoured plastic rod that is integrated into this soft back brace can be adapted to each individual.

Another feature that makes this an ideal solution for osteoporosis in women is its adjustable belt around the waist. This allows one to apply adjustable compression to the abdominal wall. (See more back braces for women.)

These features work together to produce intracavity pressure that reduces the load on the intervertebral discs, making this an ideal treatment for osteoporosis, stiff spines, weak upper back tissues or other sources of a hunched back. (Learn more about thoracic back pain.)

The hunchback brace is also designed with user comfort in mind. The posture garment hugs the body so that the osteoporosis back brace fits smoothly beneath one’s clothes.  The white color of the back brace girdle is also favorable for a discreet fit. And the support comes in numerous sizes ideal for a wide variety of body shapes and heights.

The breathable, gentle material of the osteoporosis brace will not irritate or overheat one’s skin. Also in the interest of user-comfort, this back brace for hunchback posture allows a high degree of movement.

Besides the long zipper along the front of the body, this back brace shirt also has a gusset fastening at the front of the bikini zone that is easier to access and button than some with fastenings at the crotch. This ensures a secure fit.

Upper Back Brace for Osteoporosis in Women

Kyphosis, or excessive forward rounding of the back (hunched back), can occur at any age. Scheurmann’s disease can cause this in adolescents or a birth defect can cause lifelong problems with this. But a hunched back is most common among older women.

Not coincidentally, this demographic often deals with osteoporosis that weakens the spinal bones to such an extent that they crack and compress, making them take on more of a wedge shape and exaggerating the curve of the spine. This misalignment can cause stiffness and back pain for some.

Wearing back braces for osteoporosis can help slow the degeneration of the spine by easing pressure on its discs and holding the spine in proper alignment.

This female back brace has the added feature of a belt for abdominal compression that also helps with one’s posture and creates pressure that diminishes stress on the spine. See more braces for kyphosis treatment.

Other steps that can help treat osteoporosis include engaging in exercises and stretches to improve the strength and flexibility of the spine. In more extreme cases where one’s nerves or abdomen is compressed due to excessive hunching of the back, surgery may be necessary. BraceAbility also offers post-surgery back braces.

Bauerfeind Upper Back Support Brace Features

This female back brace stands out from other back braces for hunchback deformities thanks to its unique design and attention to user comfort. Following is a breakdown of its features:

  • Active spine support with stabilizing, functional elements
  • Brace for fixing hunched back reduces the load on one’s spine and improves the alignment of the back
  • Adjustable upper body brace allows a high degree of movement as well as support
  • Hunch back brace features lateral body straps
  • Plastic rod is integrated into the back of the TLSO brace for functional support
  • Rod of this upper body back brace is anatomically contoured as well as malleable
  • Osteoporosis back brace includes an adjustable abdominal strap for additional support and compression
  • Low-profile design of the full brace for the body fits easily and smoothly beneath one’s clothes
  • Can be applied or taken off like a jacket thanks to a long zipper at the front of the posture brace
  • This brace for back alignment is also secured via an easy-to-reach gusset fastening in the front bikini zone
  • Brace for osteoporosis back problems is breathable and gentle on the skin
  • Color: White with blue details
  • Indications: Osteoporosis, musculo-ligamental spine insufficiency, stiff back, other causes of a hunched backs
  • Comfortable back brace is available in either a long (taller than 5’7”) or short size (less than 5’7”) based on the following ­women’s dress sizes:
    • 1 — 6-8
    • 2 — 10-12
    • 3 — 14-16
    • 4 — 18-20


Sizing Chart

Women's Dress Size6-810-1214-1618-20Taller than 5'7"Less than 5'7"
Measurement is based on dress size and height.

Additional Information

L Code: L0450

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Bauerfeind DorsoTrain Women's Full Back Brace Posture Garment

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