Bariatric Low Back Support Belt for Hips up to 60"

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This bariatric back support for treatment of pain in the lumbar back features crisscross straps as well as double-pull tension straps for ultimate support and compression.

Detailed Description

Bariatric Back Support Belt

This plus-size back belt is well suited for moderate pain in the low-back, lumbar muscle weakness or sprains or strains to this area of the back. (Learn more about treating lumbar pain.) The bariatric back belt can also help with discomfort related to being overweight or obese. See BraceAbility’s full line of bariatric supports.

The crisscross overlay of this plus-size back belt helps hold the back in proper position and it covers a wide expanse of the back, providing support and stability to lessen the strain on the tissues of the back. An additional benefit of these straps is that they apply compression, which can be helpful for reducing any painful inflammation. The double-pull elastic tension straps are also helpful for getting the ideal amount of compression and support.

The plus-size back support is composed of premium-quality elastic that hugs the body so that it fits well beneath clothes while permitting motion. But don’t fear—the flexible anti-roll stays prevent the XXXL back support from bunching up and slipping out of position. The plus-size back support can be worn during the day as well as at night.

This bariatric back brace comes in a discreet white color, also making it easy to wear beneath clothes.

The simple contact closure makes it easy for someone struggling with back pain to apply and adjust the back support for large people.

Bariatric Back Belt for Low-back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most debilitating and expensive conditions in America. According to ABC News, 80% of Americans will suffer back pain at some point in their lives and this condition costs more than $90 billion each year in terms of lost productivity and days of work.

There are a number of things to blame for chronic or acute lumbar back pain. Besides general degeneration of the discs, vertebra, joints, etc. related to aging, a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture (especially when sitting), improper lifting form, wearing shoes with overly high heels or carrying a heavy purse can all contribute to lower back pain. Learn more about back problems and back injuries.

Numerous studies have also shown an association between being overweight or obese and low-back pain. The exact cause-and-effect relationship between these is tough to sort out—did the back pain make one less active and more prone to excess pounds or vice versa?

But regardless of whether or not you are overweight, treatment involves moving about as much as possible after a brief period of rest, reducing inflammation, strengthening the core and losing weight (if applicable).

If one is overweight, this plus-size back brace for the low back can enable an individual to partake in a more active lifestyle by supporting the lumbar back and applying compression to reduce inflammation that is often the source of pain.

Comfortable Plus-size Back & Hip Brace

This extra-large lumbar back support is a popular product for a number of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Available in 4 sizes fitting hip circumferences from 42" up to 60"
  • For smaller sizes, check out the standard crisscross back brace
  • Back panel with crisscross straps provides widespread, balanced support
  • Flexible anti-roll stays
  • Placement of the stays can be adjusted or they can be removed
  • Double-pull elastic tension straps for ultimate compression
  • Treats: mild to moderate low-back pain, weakness of lumbar muscles, lumbar sprains and strains
  • Easily fits beneath clothing
  • Discreet white color
  • Soft support can be worn during the day and night
  • Made of premium-quality elastic
  • Contact closure for easy application

Sizing Chart

SizeHip Circumference
XL42" - 48"
2XL48" - 52"
3XL52" - 56"
4XL56" - 60"
Measurement point: Hip Circumference.

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Bariatric Low Back Support Belt for Hips up to 60"

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