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Poor posture, especially if it begins at a young age, can cause a number of problems down the road, ranging from muscular pain to spinal degeneration or curvature issues to muscle or nerve restriction to fatigue. Whether you are working to manage already existing side effects or trying to correct posture to prevent such outcomes, BraceAbility can help you find the best posture support for your needs and your wallet. 

Posture Issues of the Spine

Back Brace for Posture for Men

BraceAbility offers several styles of products for posture support for men. The Bauerfeind LumboLoc Back Support is one such brace that is anatomically contoured for the male physique. This low-back brace stabilizes the lumbar spine in such a way that it does not restrict movement, making it an ideal posture support brace for men.

This support is lightweight, breathable and machine-washable for ultimate ease of use. This brace for posture also fits easily beneath clothes. The Velcro closure of this male posture support makes it easy to put on and take off.

A different style of male posture brace is the Cybertech MAC Corset Back Brace, a corset back support for posture and general back pain. This lower back brace for posture contours to one’s body and can be easily adjusted thanks to its mechanical pulley system.

The material of this back brace to help posture and general back pain is lightweight and moisture wicking, making it ideal for an active user as well. An added bonus—this poor posture treatment option comes at a highly affordable price. (See BraceAbility’s full line of back braces for men.)

Back Brace for Posture for Women

And of course, BraceAbility offers posture braces for women, as well. One example is the LumboTrain® Lady Back Brace for Women, which comes from the same respected Bauerfeind brand as the aforementioned LumboLoc back support.

This posture support for women is also ideal for treating conditions such as sacroiliac joint dysfunction, muscle or spine instability of the lower back, sciatica or degenerative joint disease, to name a few. The nodular insert of this posture corrector brace massages and relaxes the muscles of the low back.

Another correct posture brace for women is the Bauerfeind DorsoTrain Women's Posture Support. It is designed specifically with osteoarthritis treatment and its related posture and pain issues in mind. This back brace for poor posture covers one entire’s torso, making it a shoulder back posture support.

The support is anatomically contoured and it can be put on like a jacket with easy-to-reach fastenings in the front area of the bikini zone. This brace to improve posture has an adjustable belt that wraps around the waist for abdominal compression and a plastic rod in the back to support the spine.

Kids’ Posture Brace

Some spinal conditions that cause poor posture, such as scoliosis, are most prevalent among children. Whatever the cause of poor posture in children, addressing and working to correct it is important for reducing the risk of pain in the back and neck at present and cutting one’s risk of developing spinal deformities as an adult. (See BraceAbility’s full line of pediatric braces.)

The Bort StabiloFix Posture Brace for Children is one such treatment option. This shoulder posture brace for children holds the body and spine in proper position and it does so in a comfortable manner as the soft form posture control brace conforms to the body. This child’s shoulder brace for posture can also be used to treat injuries to the collarbone (clavicle).

Another option for shoulder posture support is BraceAbility Kid's Posture Correction Brace. Like the previously mentioned product, this posture control shoulder brace can also be used to treat injuries to the clavicle. This clavicle posture support is available in infant to youth sizes. BraceAbility also sells an adult version of this posture shoulder support.

Shoulder Brace: Posture

BraceAbility’s selection also includes a number of posture aids that work for either sex. These come in a variety of styles to fit anyone’s posture needs.

The Bort StabiloFix Shoulder Posture Correction Brace is a unisex shoulder posture support brace that wraps around the shoulders and ribs for ideal shoulder support posture. This design also means it can function as a clavicle support for injuries to the collarbone. This posture shoulder brace is composed of non-elastic, soft material with easily adjusted straps. The designers of this shoulder back posture support paid special attention to the sensitive underarm area to make the brace as well-fitting and comfortable as possible.

Clavicle Brace: Posture

As noted previously, a brace for injuries to the collarbone often also functions as a brace to help posture. The BraceAbility Figure-8 Clavicle Brace is one such better posture brace. This figure-8 posture brace has a hook and loop closure that makes it easy to don and remove. And its sleek design means it fits discreetly beneath one’s clothes.

Upper Back Brace: Posture

Some other upper back brace for posture options include the Cybertech Postural Extension Brace and the Cybertech Cybercross TLSO Hyperextension Orthosis.

The former postural extension fits like a backpack with a belt around the waist. This upper back posture support stabilizes the thoracic spine while supporting the lower back and pelvis. This combination makes it useful for treating compression fractures, kyphosis, mechanical back pain and even the early stages of osteoarthritis. This good posture brace is also useful preceding and/or following surgery.

The brace features comfortable shoulder straps and non-irritating buckle placement, cool-reinforced spacer mesh and a plush liner for user comfort.

The Cybertech Cybercross TLSO for the back uses a three-point pressure system to increase thoracic extension in instances when this has been compromised via conditions such as osteoarthritis or compression fractures. This universal size, low-profile upper back posture brace can be easily adjusted without the use of any tools. This improve-posture brace has soft, waterproof padding and a molded posterior panel.

Neck Posture Brace

Looking for support in the cervical (neck) area of the spine? You can check out BraceAbility’s Neck Braces and Neck Supports, which includes products such as the Cybertech CSI Cervical Spine Orthosis. This two-part neck posture support limits how much one can rotate and bend the neck, in the interest of easing pain in this area of the spine or the neck and to allow the injured area to heal. Such a brace might be used in instances of a herniated disc or following surgery, for example.

The thermoplastic collar feature comes along with a posterior spinal component that can be customized to one’s body. The neck brace posture product has comfortable, breathable padding that can be replaced after a period of use.

Back and Posture Support

Poor posture often results in back pain or injury. Therefore, it only makes sense that BraceAbility offers a number of posture control brace back support products.

One popular back brace for bad posture as well as conditions such as scoliosis, spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis is the Cybertech Therapeutic LSO Back Brace. This is one of the pricier posture corrective braces at BraceAbility. But the higher price tag can be chalked up to its high-quality design and some of its special features, like battery operated heat or cold therapy and or therapeutic electrical neuromuscular stimulation (TENS) units for electrical muscle stimulation.

This back brace for better posture features an ergonomic chair-back design and removable plush panels and pads. The panels of this brace are also heat moldable for additional customization. The amount of compression the back brace to straighten posture and ease low-back pain can be easily adjusted thanks to the 5-to-1 compression ratio of its Cybertech mechanical pulley system.

Lumbar Posture Back Brace

One of BraceAbility’s more popular posture support belt products is the Cybertech SPINE Sport Back Brace. Many consider this to be a perfect posture back support for the mobility it allows and the pain relief and support it affords. With its odor and moisture wicking material, this fix posture brace is designed for the active individual.

Another back and posture support provides rigid support to the back and abdomen via two pulley systems is the Cybertech Body Jacket. As indicated by its name, it can be used to treat scoliosis as well as other sources of severe back pain. This posture improvement brace allows for cooling air circulation and the brace itself is machine-washable once the pulleys have been removed.

Another condition that causes poor hunching posture is kyphosis. There are posture support braces like the Cybertech Postural Extension II Kyphosis Brace that are designed specifically in the interest of remedying or managing such conditions. This bad posture brace is shaped much like a backpack and is nearly as simple to sling onto one’s back.