Back Braces for Work

Back Braces for Work

A number of careers put a lot of strain on the low-back due to the lifting, twisting and carrying motions they require. But because such chores are required for one’s job, taking an extended period off to allow the back to heal is generally not an option, or at least not a preferable one. This is when a work back brace comes in very handy.

Industrial Back Support

Two of the most popular industrial back brace products available at BraceAbility are the Corflex Industrial Back Support Belt with Straps and the Corflex Industrial Back Support without Straps. These elastic industrial back braces feature a crisscross design for pain relief in the low-back area. In addition, this type of occupational back support promotes proper form when engaging in heavy lifting to prevent further injury. 

Lower-profile Industrial Back Support Belt

Another industrial back support for work that comes with optional suspenders is the Corflex Low-Profile Industrial Back Support with Straps. This industrial back support belt has a sleeker design, making it better suited for positions where more twisting, bending, etc., motion is required. Thus, this might be a good brace for a farmer. This Corflex back brace is also available without straps.

Bariatric Back Brace for Work

BraceAbility also offers several plus-size occupational back brace products. Excess pounds can increase the amount of strain one’s back is already subject to at work. An occupational back support like the Corflex Crisscross Bariatric Back Brace Support Belt or the Corflex Lumbar Sacral Plus Size Belt for Back Pain can literally help take a load off the low-back.

Both of these products feature a double-pull elastic tension strap for the additional compression and contact closure. The crisscross back support features anti-roll stays; the Corflex Lumbar Sacral support also features malleable, aluminum stays.

Chair-back Occupational Back Support

The DeRoyal PROlign® EXT - Boa Closure Back Brace comes with a higher price tag than a number of occupational back supports at BraceAbility, but the secure, comfortable fit of this brace that can be adjusted with the turn of a dial makes it well worth the price for many back pain sufferers.

The anterior insert of this brace helps to unload pressure from the spine, while the posterior insert promotes proper spine alignment. Its chair-back design also helps it to support the back. This back support for work can also be used after surgery as well as for a number of mechanical and disc-related issues.

Work Back Supports for Weight Lifting

Many of the back braces for work offered at BraceAbility can also be used for added support and to prevent injury while weightlifting. Consider, for instance, the Corflex Back-2-Form Back Belt Support. This support promotes proper posture as well as lifting techniques. And as an added bonus, this lumbar support belt includes a back pocket that can hold a hot, cold or pressure pad.

When using a back brace for work, one should take care not to become dependent on it. Continuous use over time can actually cause the muscles of the lower back to weaken, increasing one’s back pain.