Back Braces for Women

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Back Braces for Women

BraceAbility offers a number of back supports for women, ranging from low-back pain aids to clavicle braces to back braces for maternity to back posture braces for women. Obviously a woman’s body is different than a man’s anatomically speaking, so using a back brace for women, specifically, can be a more suitable treatment option for back problems and injuries.

Maternity Back Brace

The body changes in some remarkable ways over the nine months a woman bears a child to allow for its birth. Unfortunately a child (or several!) is not the only thing that comes along with pregnancy. A number of women experience low-back pain from the associated weight gain, changes in the laxity of the sacroiliac joints (resulting in SI joint dysfunction) and even broken ribs, to name a few side effects.

Thankfully, there are a number of pregnant back brace products for a wide range of  side effects of pregnancy, such as the Cybertech Low Profile Sacroiliac Brace. This lower back brace for women stabilizes the SI joint via direct circumferential compression. And the brace features a low-profile design as well as a low price.

If the ribs are cracked or rib muscles that are strained during pregnancy or otherwise, the Bort Elastic Rib Belt for Women is a good choice. This upper back support for women features a non-elastic front and side section and an elastic back component which is better suited for the female body; the proportions of the belt are also better suited for the female anatomy. Velcro strapping makes it easy to adjust for customized rib support.

Back Brace for Posture for Women

Good posture is essential for spine health and strength and preventing injury and pain to the low-back. A posture back brace for women can provide the support to alleviate back pain and prevent the spinal and muscular problems that can result from slouching.

The Bort StabiloFix Posture Correction Brace supports both the shoulder and the clavicle with soft, non-elastic and non-irritating material. This women’s back brace is very low profile and can be easily adjusted for optimal fit.

Alternatively, BraceAbility offers an even more affordable Figure-eight Clavicle Brace Strap for posture improvement or an injury to the clavicle (also available for infants and children). The figure-eight design features a hook and loop closure for ease of use in treating poor posture or clavicle fractures. Click here for more Posture Braces.

Back Support for Women with Spine Wear

Women are also especially susceptible to osteoporosis, which is characterized by the bones of the body, including the spine, weakening and becoming more brittle. This, in turn, can increase one’s risk of conditions such as degenerative disc disease and the related herniated discs, which in turn can pressure the nerves of the spine and cause conditions as a sciatica.

Osteoporosis in Women


The Cybertech 8-Inch Premium Plus Herniated Disc Brace is a low-profile compression brace for stabilizing the lower back, while allowing more mobility than the 10-inch Cybertech Premium Plus back support. Both of these women’s back braces feature the Cybertech patented mechanical pulley system for easy compression adjustment that does not requires stressful exertion or twisting. For additional customization, this style of low-back brace for women is heat moldable and features removable panels.

Or the Cybertech 8-inch Flex Plus Back Brace (Also available in a 10-inch size) is an even less restrictive back support belt for women that can help treat herniated discs or spinal stenosis, a condition characterized by a narrowing of the open spaces within the spine that is also associated with aging.

Spondylolisthesis Female Back Brace

Spondylolisthesis is another condition that causes low-back pain and is often found among athletes, especially adolescents, is the stress fracture to the bones of the low-back which can cause the vertebra to shift out of position, possibly pressuring nerves. In extreme cases surgery may be needed to correct this position, but in other instances bracing may be an effective treatment for lower back pain in women. 

The Cybertech Passport Brace for Spondylolisthesis works as a brace to support the back to ease spondylolisthesis and it can also be used as both a pre- and post-surgery low-back support. 

Spondylolisthesis Vertebrae Slipping


Women’s Back Brace for General Pain

The Bauerfeind LumboTrain® Lady Back Brace for Women is a brace that is ideal for treating a wide variety of sources of low-back pain, ranging from muscle strain to bone formation disorders to sciatica. It features an insert that massages the muscles of the low-back as well as breathable, knitted material. Learn more about the Lumbotrain all-purpose brace.