Back Braces for Men

Back Braces for Men

It doesn’t take an expert to recognize there are many anatomical differences between the sexes that in some instances necessitate differing braces. Therefore, BraceAbility offers a lineup of men’s back support products as well as a women’s line of back support products. Whatever the source of male back pain, BraceAbility likely has a support suited for your needs.

Top-selling Back Brace for Posture for Men

One of the most popular men’s posture brace does double-duty as a low back support for men. The Incredibrace Compression Lower Back Support Brace is  considered a top or even the best posture brace for men because it is designed in such a manner that it supports the low back and keeps the spine aligned, easing male lower back pain. But it also sleek enough that it can be worn without hindering an athlete’s performance. Maintaining movement is important to the recovery process for an injury, thus making the activity-friendly design useful for non-athletes, too.

The bamboo charcoal/geranium blend of the back posture brace for men promotes circulation, helping to minimize swelling. The men’s posture support is also moisture and odor wicking in the interest of athletic and extended periods of use.

Posture Brace for Men

Some other styles of posture brace men should check out include the Bauerfeind LumboLoc Back Support and the StabiloFix Posture Correction Brace.

The Bauerfeind posture back brace for men is a lightweight, low-profile support that fits comfortably across one’s low-back, supporting its muscles and the lumbar spine. The knitted, machine-washable material of this men’s posture corrective brace is breathable for ultimate user comfort and the brace itself allows for a wide range of unrestricted motion. It also features Velcro closures so that the posture support brace for men can be quickly and easily removed and adjusted. This support also promotes sensory awareness of the low-back, which is also advantageous to its role as a posture corrective brace for men.

For a bit more support, one might consider the Cybertech MAC-Plus Corset Back Support. The chair-back design of this men’s back brace for posture conforms to one’s body and the corset component of this men’s back brace makes it easy to apply compression at a 3-to-1 ratio. For a posture corrective brace, men find it surprisingly lightweight. All of its panels are removable for easy customization.

(Below: Various degrees of spine curving and posture problems in men)

Spine curve problems in Men

Shoulder Posture Brace for Men

While not listed under the “male” category of braces, BraceAbility does offer a shoulder back brace for posture men and women can use. The Bort StabiloFix Shoulder Posture Correction Brace can be used to improve posture and to treat injuries to the clavicle. The soft, non-elastic material of this posture support men find conforms comfortably to the underarm area. The tucks of this support makes it easy to adjust the length of its straps.

Back Brace for Men

BraceAbility also offers a number of back support belts for men aimed simply at treating back pain. The Corflex Thoracolumbar Support Brace wraps around the body to treat back pain in the thoracic spine as well as the thoracolumbar fascia area of the back.

This back support brace for men has easy-to-adjust suspenders, removable double-tension straps for increased compression and a pocket that can hold a thermo-plastic insert for heat or cold therapy.

Thoracolumbar Fascia




Treatment for female and male back pain often involves some physical therapy stretches and exercises. The Cybertech SPINE Package - Lumbar Physical Therapy Training Program adds in a brief video and a First Aid booklet about pain in the lower back as well as some exercises for treating it. The package also includes a carrying case for the brace itself.

The SPINE low back brace for men is one of BraceAbility’s most popular low-back braces as its pulley system allows one to achieve optimal compression while the brace itself is narrow to allow for a greater range of motion. Indeed, it is designed with an athlete recovering from an injury in mind.

Lower Back Pain: Male

As you likely garnered from some of the discussion on posture corrective brace, men, pain often centers in the low-back. Thus, BraceAbility offers a number of back support belts for men in addition to the aforementioned men back brace posture, men. The Bauerfeind LumboTrain Lumbar Back Brace is a great multipurpose brace that features a triangular pad with nodules to massage and ease tension in the lower back, as well as to promote circulation and muscle activity. Like men’s back support underwear or men’s back support girdle, this brace fits discreetly beneath one’s clothes.

Another popular item for men is the Corflex Industrial Back Support Belt with Straps. As implied by its name, this is an industrial back support designed for those who often engage in lifting or carrying activities. This compression support product acts as a men posture brace for lifting as it promotes proper form. It is also a popular support for weight lifting.

The sacroiliac joints are a common source of low-back pain. The Bort StabiloBasic Back Brace for Lumbar Stabilization is a low-profile, simple way of treating SI joint dysfunction. This back support belt for men stabilizes the muscles of the back and the SI joint area, giving the back a chance to heal. The brace features loops for the hands for easy removal and application. View BraceAbility’s full line of SI joint pain treatment products.

Post-operation Back Brace for Men

Unfortunately, some cases of back pain must be treated with surgery, followed by a period of restricted motion with use of a back brace for men. The Cybertech MAC-Plus Corset Back Support is a brace well suited for this purpose. This support features a comfortable, chair-back design and lightweight, breathable material. For additional user comfort, it fastens at the front and its compression can be smoothly adjusted with just one hand via Cybertech’s patented mechanical pulley system.

Looking for a bit more support? Consider the Cybertech Bi-Mod 10" Rigid Back Brace, which also features a lightweight, chair-back design and the Cybertech mechanical pulley system. A unique feature of this men’s back brace is it comes with a heat gun for ensuring the best fit possible.

Both of these back braces for men are available in bariatric sizes.