Abdominal Muscle Pain & Strain Stomach Brace

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This elastic abdominal muscle support wrap features a Velcro system with an easy application and release. The elastic enables the brace to stretch with ease, but will compress with application. This abdominal girdle is designed to aid in muscle injury treatment for various such conditions such as: hernias, post surgery, and muscle strains.

Detailed Description

About the Abdominal Muscle Brace

This unisex abdominal muscle brace provides superior muscle support for both the lower and upper sections. This 4 panel brace (12” tall) is made of a latex-free breathable elastic material. This belt for stomach muscles includes plush backing on the inside, making it visually appealing to wear both over and underneath your clothes. The entire muscle wrap is made of Velco compatible material, which allows you to vary your degree of tightness according to where you need muscle injury treatment. The support and compression provided by this support belt help weak abdominal muscles recover from either abdominal strains or other injuries, which still being comfortable to wear. This muscle belt can be used for post-surgical operations to protect the incision site after surgeries like hernia repairs, bariatric procedures, liposuction, and other surgeries in order to promote faster abdominal muscle repair.

How to Apply the Abdominal Muscle Belt

  1. To apply the muscle belt, lay the girdle flat and identify the top from the bottom. The bottom of the abdominal corset will be slightly longer in comparison to the top.
  2. Position the abdominal wrap behind your body, making sure the Velco strip is facing inward.
  3. Wrap the right side of the muscle brace over the other side and secure the Velcro closure. Re-adjust as needed for comfort.

Washing Instructions of the Abdominal Muscle Wrap

Hand wash the abdominal muscle brace in cold water with mild soap. Do not use bleach. After washing, the abdominal muscle girdle should be air dried.

Sizing Chart

SizeHip Circumference
SUp to 45"
M46" - 62"
L55" - 72"
XL72" - 96"
Measureme the circumference around your hips, in inches.

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Abdominal Muscle Pain & Strain Stomach Brace

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